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Whether you need to mount your monitor, TV or touch screen on a tabletop, on the wall, from the ceiling, or outdoors, we have the right mounting bracket for you! TRU-Vu Monitors offers a wide range of monitor wall mounts, display stands, outdoor TV mounts, tabletop base and ceiling TV mount for monitors and touch screens. For example, monitor mounts include  waterproof  VESA mounts, monitor stand, articulating TV mount, monitor arm mount, and wall mount monitor arms.  Additionally, we provide monitor wall mount brackets, outdoor monitor mounts, and waterproof monitor mounting brackets. Furthermore, some are corrosion resistant for outdoor use. We even have portrait mode brackets for you.  For more information on VESA wall mounts (Video Electronics Standards Association) – visit


We offer monitor wall mounts for nearly  any size VESA mount monitor. This includes monitor wall mounts which are fixed mount (CE-172 and MB-9500B), wall mount brackets which can turn left to right (MB-174C) and our MB-178A articulating TV mount. Numerous monitor mounts enable up and down tilt ( MB-778). Our MB-MMLCDNPT16 is a ceiling TV mount.


Need to mount your monitor or TV outdoors? Our MBX-6500T and MBX-670 outdoor TV mounts will attached to wall or beam. The MBX-267 is an outdoor TV mount with articulating arm. The MBX-665P outdoor TV wall mount will display monitors in portrait mode. And the MBX-6500WR outdoor TV wall mount is wind-rated for up to 110 MPH. Any of our outdoor TV mounts would be the ideal choice to mount our Sunlight Readable monitors or waterproof monitors outdoors.

Display Stand / Tabletop Base

We offer a display stand for nearly any size monitor or touch screen. They will accommodate small VESA mount monitors from 7″ to 12″, mid-size VESA mount displays from 13.3″ to 19″ and  VESA mount monitors 21.5″ to 86″.


Our 17″ and 19″ Rack Mount brackets enable you to easily convert a standard 17″ or 19″ LCD monitor into a rack mount monitor, at a fraction of the cost.


Mounts & Stands

Low Profile Monitor Wall Mount
VESA 75/100 Low-Profile Wall Mount
Monitor Wall Mount Arm
VESA 75/100 Articulating Wall Mount
telescoping celing mount
Telescoping Ceiling Mount
Outdoor Tilt Wall Mount Monitor Bracket
VESA 100 Corrosion-Resistant Tilt Wall Mount
VESA wall mount monitor bracket
VESA 75/100 Three-axis Wall Mount
Wall-Mount VESA Bracket
VESA 75/100/200 Tilt Wall Mount
Flat Mount Wall Bracket for Monitors
Large Universal Flat Wall Mount
outdoor mount for large tv display
Outdoor Ceiling Mount for 43" to 75" Displays
VESA Ceiling-Mount Bracket
Ceiling Mount Bracket
Rack Mount Monitor Brackets
Rack Mount Bracket for 17" and 19" LCD's
Outdoor Wall Mount Arm
Corrosion-Resistant Articulating Wall Mount
Outdoor TV Wall Mount Bracket
Outdoor Waterproof Tilt Wall Mount Bracket for 32” to 86” Displays
Outdoor Wind Rated Tilt Wall Mount Bracket
Outdoor Wind Rated Tilt Wall Mount Bracket for 32” to 65” Displays
mounting bracket diagram
Outdoor TV Screen Mount Bracket up to 86”
Corrosion-Resistant Portrait Wall Mount
Corrosion-Resistant Portrait Wall Mount
Mounting Stand small monitor
75mm VESA Holes For 13.3” and smaller monitors
White VESA Monitor Stand
75mm and 100mm VESA Holes For 22” and smaller monitors
monitor desktop stand 27
75mm and 100mm VESA Holes For 27” and smaller monitors
VESA Monitor Stand 32" Monitors
75mm and 100mm VESA Holes For 32” and smaller monitors
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