Outdoor Monitors for Auto Racing

Clear Video Images Even in Bright Sunlight

Driving a race car requires concentration, timing, and nerves of steel. Racing teams rely on state-of-the-art equipment and technology for making crucial, split-second decisions. Many NASCAR and Indy-car teams rely on TRU-Vu high brightness Sunlight Readable monitors.  We provide the auto racing industry with crucial data during practice sessions, qualifying and racing. For example, timing, speeds, scoring all need crystal-clear video images. TRU-Vu monitors for auto racing can be viewed even on bright, sunny days in clear detail even in direct sunlight.

Our high brightness screens will produce 1,000 nits to 2,500 nits brightness.  This makes them far brighter than standard LCD monitors.  Specifically, consumer or commercial-grade monitors typically offer only 200-300 nits brightness.  The number of nits an LCD display emits is the main factor in determining the monitor’s perceived brightness. A monitor luminance of around 250-350 nits will work well indoors; most monitors fall in this range. However, 400-700 nits would be required for use in daylight conditions. Most importantly, at least 1,000 nits or more is required for viewing in direct, bright sunlight .

Sunlight Readable Monitors for Auto Racing

Our Sunlight Readable monitors and Daylight Readable displays enable crews to see critical information without worrying about possible glare or over-saturation of light. This assures that professional auto racers can easily see exactly what they need to see in order to perform, without exception.

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