Monitors for Oil Rigs

TRU-Vu provides a wide range of monitors for oil rigs and gas applications. The oil industry utilizes multiple types of industrial LCD displays and industrial touch screens for a wide range of requirements. Industrial LCD monitors are used on offshore and onshore drilling rigs. You will also find our products useful in geological, exploration, and production equipment. They are used on drilling rigs, with downhole cameras, borehole cameras and more.

High Bright Sunlight Readable Screens For the Oilfield

Firstly, TRU-Vu provides a wide range of high bright Sunlight Readable monitors and Sunlight Readable touch screens  for use in direct, bright sunlight. Secondly, with over 1,000 nits brightness, TRU-Vu outdoor monitors with high brightness LCD panels provide over 4 times the brightness of standard LCD monitors. Thirdly, these sunlight LCD displays ensure clear, sharp images on the brightest days to ensure critical data and images are reviewed quickly and accurately.  Additionally, TRU-Vu Sunlight Readable monitors are available in a wide range of configurations, including both square monitors with 4:3 aspect ratio, and widescreen monitors with 16:9 aspect ratio.


Sunlight Readable outdoor monitors are ideal for use on offshore oil rigs and drilling platforms. They are available as Sunlight Readable panel mount touch screen monitors, sunlight waterproof monitors, 24VDC monitors.  Waterproof means a device is completely sealed from the ingress of water under specified conditions. The waterproofed device will remain unaffected by water. IP ratings and NEMA standards measure waterproofing based on specified conditions. We have a full line of waterproof monitors and touch screens. 


TRU-Vu also provides a wide range of custom monitors for oil and gas applications to oilfield supply companies and oilfield OEM manufacturers. We provide custom monitor enclosures, custom VESA mount monitors, open frame monitors, and 4K resolution displays. Why settle for almost good enough? Let us design your custom-built monitor for about the same price as an off-the-shelf LCD monitor.   However, please note: we do not provide Class 1 Div 2 solutions.


With over 200 LCD monitors and touch screens on our site, selecting the ideal oilfield solution may be a bit overwhelming.  To help narrow-down the choices, check out our Advanced Search Tool. For example, this enables you to filter by your own specific search requirements.

Remember, our team members are ready to help! We can determine the exact solution that will meet your specific needs . Certainly, TRU-Vu will help provide crystal-clear images for your oil and gas projects. Call (847) 259-2344 today to speak with one of our specialists. Above all, we will listen.  It’s one of the things we do best.  Our professional advisors will ensure the monitor or touch screen you receive will be and do everything you had hoped it would!

If you prefer, fill out a quick form with your requirements, and we will guide you to the proper models that will work best.

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