Pipeline & Sewer Video Inspection

Inspecting underground pipes and sewers for cracks, leaks or holes is crucial for municipal water and sewer systems, as well as for nuclear, petrochemical, and industrial companies. When using video to inspect mainlines and drain lines, operators must be able to clearly see the tiniest problems in any conditions. When used outdoors, the images on a standard LCD monitor are washed out and nearly invisible. To remedy this, TRU-Vu offers two types of solutions, Sunlight Readable and Daylight Viewable / Optically Bonded monitors for video pipe inspection systems. Optically Bonded monitors work well in areas with lots of reflected light, while Sunlight Readable monitors are excellent even with direct, bright sunlight falling onto the face of the monitor.

The 8.4″, 10.4″ and 15″ Optically Bonded and 8.4″, 10.4″ and 15″ Sunlight Readable monitors have been extremely popular in portable/mobile pipe inspection systems, as well as truck-mounted video pipe inspection, municipal sewer cleaning equipment systems, and sewer inspection equipment. Our 7″ LCD monitor is an excellent low-cost alternative for portable push-camera inspection systems where sunlight and reflections are not a major concern.

For use inside in truck-mounted sewer cleaning equipment and pipeline inspection systems, our 17″, 19″ and 21.5″ standard LCD monitors have been very popular, as well.

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