Custom LCD Displays / OEM Monitors

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Why settle for an off-the-shelf LCD monitor that’s almost “good enough”? Let TRU-Vu provide a custom LCD monitor, modified LCD display, or design a custom OEM monitor to meet your needs. Above all, we can customize nearly aspect of your display, from the inputs and electronics, to screen treatments and enclosures. Custom options for embedding your own devices inside our enclosures and even private labeling it with your own name/logo and corporate identity are available.

Certainly, your customized LCD display will receive a unique model number, to identify it as your exclusive custom LCD monitor. Most importantly, no one else can order this model. If they try,  they will be referred back to you. Our OEM customers love this! For example, this protects your intellectual property, and ensures your return on investment.

Lastly, we will guarantee long-term availability of your custom OEM monitor design. Subsequently, we can ensure your custom LCD monitor is available for 3 – 5 (or many more) years. On the other hand, retail,  consumer-grade or commercial-grade monitors  typically have a 3 to 12 month life cycle.


Contrary to popular belief, custom LCD monitors do not need to be expensive. At least not the custom screens from TRU-Vu. We modify, customize or custom-build monitors and touch screens that are usually in the same price range as off-the-shelf monitors. Give us a call and learn for yourself how affordable a custom solution can be. Unlike our competitors, we can build these for very low minimum order quantities. So why settle for off-the-shelf?


Glass: Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare or Vandal-resistant glass
Optical Bonding: Ideal for use in bright, indirect light. A optical-grade resin is injected into the space between the LCD panel and the outer glass, filling the gap. This eliminates internal reflections and condensation. Similarly, it also increases contrast ratio, and thereby improves image quality.


Enclosure Type: Panel-mount, waterproof, Zero-Bezel or open frame
Material: ABS, painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Enclosure Color: Choose your specific RAL or Pantone color
Mounting: Standard VESA holes or custom locations; custom mounting tabs or slots
Custom Enclosure: To meet pre-existing requirements


Custom Timing: Custom signal programming is available to meet proprietary and legacy video signal requirements.

Custom LCD monitor Embedded Devices:

We can embed some of your own devices inside your custom lcd monitors and touch screens. Subsequently, we then also provide you with external connections to other products or systems.


TRU-Vu monitors can be configured to accept a wide range of video input signals. For instance, the letter at the end of each monitor model number designates the video input board:

  • B:    VGA, Composite (BNC Loop-Thru),           NTSC/PAL
  • C:    VGA, DVI-D
  • D:    VGA, HDMI, Composite (BNC Loop-           Thru), NTSC/PAL
  • E:    HDMI (x2), DisplayPort (x2)
  • G:    DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • H:    VGA, HDMI
  • J:    DVI, BNC Loop-Thru                                        (VGA via adapter)
  • N2:  VGA, Composite (BNCx2)
  • R:    VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • S:    VGA, S-Video, Composite (BNC)
  • U:    VGA, HDMI, BNC Loop-Thru
  • V:    VGA only
  • Z:    VGA, HDMI, HD-SDI (Loop-Thru),              Composite (BNC Loop-Thru)

PRIVATE LABEL alternatives:

To sum up, our standard, modified and custom LCD displays and touch screens can be private-labeled to your specifications. Likewise, this includes your silk-screened logo/company name, custom enclosure colors and your own unique model number. See our Private Label Monitors page for more information.

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