4:3 Aspect Ratio & 16:9 Monitors for Museums & Exhibits

For INDOOR or OUTDOOR Museums & Exhibits

Museums, art galleries, and special exhibits are using an ever-increasing number of LCD video monitors and touch screens. Use LCD monitors to update or enhance exhibits with live video clips. Similarly, some cycle through a series of still images. Additionally, in attempts to provide a historical perspective, they often choose to use 4:3 aspect ratio monitors.


Firstly, TRU-Vu also provides 4:3 monitors (square monitors) to mimic old television sets.  Secondly, show classic films without distortion or annoying black bars.  Furthermore, the aspect ratio of a LCD display is the proportional relationship of its width compared to its height. The two numbers are commonly separated by a colon. The most common aspect ratios are 16:9 (aka widescreen) and 4:3 (aka square monitor, such as old CRT’s and TV’s). It is best to choose a monitor with the same aspect ratio as your video signal. However, you cannot customize a monitor’s native aspect ratio, so it is critical to know the aspect ratio of your incoming video signal beforehand.


For more modern displays, TRU-Vu provides 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen monitors. These provide the advantages of higher-resolution, digital video inputs, wider viewing angles, and greater longevity.

Brightness is a factor in your choice

High brightness Sunlight Readable displays are used in outdoor or very brightly lit indoor areas. With over 1,000 nits of brightness, TRU-Vu Sunlight Readable displays are four times brighter than typical LCD monitors. These high brightness monitors are also used to produce stunning images with maximum visual impact in indoor areas, where maximum impact is desired. TRU-Vu Touch screen monitors are used for interactive displays, control, ticketing kiosks, or communication. Museums choose industrial-grade monitors and touch screens due to their ability to withstand abuse from high numbers of users and their long expected life cycle.

Museum curators often have very specific design concepts for their unique new displays. TRU-Vu Monitors has partnered with numerous prestigious museums and exhibit houses throughout the U.S. and Canada to produce one-of-a-kind custom monitor solutions. These have ranged from modern LCD panels housed in traditional CRT-type enclosures, to traditional 4:3 aspect ratio monitors with modern digital interfaces and state of the art controls.  See some of our most recent collaborations with others in the industry.


With over 540 LCD monitors and touch screens on our site, selecting the ideal museum or event monitor solution may be a bit overwhelming.
To help narrow-down the choices, check out our Advanced Search Tool. For example, this enables you filter by your own specific search requirements.

Remember, our team members are ready to help! We can determine the exact solution that will meet your specific needs . Certainly, TRU-Vu will help provide crystal-clear images for your exhibit projects. Call (847) 259-2344 today to speak with one of our specialists. Above all, we will listen.  It’s one of the things we do best.  Our professional advisors will ensure the monitor or touch screen you receive will be and do everything you had hoped it would!

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