Industrial-Grade LCD Monitors for Manufacturing


Industrial and manufacturing plants utilize industrial-grade LCD monitors and touch screen monitors for a variety of purposes. These include process monitoring and control and motion control. Additionally, they are used in factory automation and machine vision inspection. You will find them deployed in safety, digital signage, and surveillance.

These particular uses demand an industrial-grade lcd monitor. But, retail or even commercial-grade displays will not endure many of the challenging environments. As a result,  you will have to keep replacing monitors that cannot handle the challenges that industrial use presents. Specifically, ours are built with these challenges in mind.  Consequently, We will provide the benefits you need for your specific application.


TRU-Vu rugged LCD monitors are ideal for such demanding environments due to their  industrial-grade components. For example, they are designed to operate 24/7/365, non-stop. Have you heard of our exclusive TRU-Tuff treatment? TRU-Tuff is a unique treatment to maximize shock and vibration resistance.  It ensures that every monitor will withstand the shock and vibration of industrial and manufacturing environments.   To clarify, this process includes RTV silicone on all critical components and connections.  All wires are dressed, tie-wrapped and secured. Furthermore, ThreadLock is applied to all screws on our TRU-Tuff models. 

First, we utilize grade-A LCD panels, high-end image processing boards and superior graphics engines. This is to ensure bright, sharp images and vivid colors. Secondly, we also offer daylight viewable and high brightness Sunlight Readable monitors. These ensure excellent visibility even in direct bright sunlight, where standard monitors would be rendered useless.


Touch screen monitors are ideal for operator interface and control panels. Additionally, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and machine monitoring benefit.  Open frame and panel mount monitors facilitate easy mounting. Outdoor Waterproof LCD monitors enable use in wash-down environments. Also, TRU-Vu also offers protective Anti-Reflective glass panels. These panels protect the LCD monitor screens.

Sunlight readable monitors and optically bonded monitors provide sharp images in bright sunlight. Our industrial-grade LCD monitors are also ideal for use with borescopes and video probes. Furthermore,  microscopes, X-Ray, and other visual imaging systems benefit.  Similarly, they are also used extensively as video image displays. Additionally, you will find them on screen printing machines and packaging machines. Finally, you may find them useful in monitoring stations. The applications are endless.  Our expertise will provide you with many options for an exact solution to your requirements. We have 30 years of experience to assist you with your selections.

TRU-Vu industrial-grade LCD monitors have successfully been used in industries:

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