Outdoor Monitors for Amusement Parks

LCD Monitors for Theme Parks / Amusement Parks/ Waterparks/ Zoos

TRU-Vu Monitors provide a wide range of sunlight readable touch screens and outdoor monitors.  You will see them extensively at theme parks. TRU-Vu displays are a feature in many waterparks and amusement parks. Outdoor displays provide helpful information to visitors regarding locations. They are a perfect fit for directions and location maps. Additionally,  prices and showtimes will display in an easy to see format.  Any outdoor kiosk will need to be high bright, and have a sharp image.  Meanwhile, you must use weatherproof monitors for outdoor placement.

Sunlight Readable Monitors and Waterproof Touchscreens FOR OUTDOOR USE

For example, our high brightness Sunlight Readable monitors provide sharp images even in direct sunlight.  Waterproof touch screens are ideal for a variety if outdoor applications. For instance, ticket kiosks and digital signage are all optimal for sunlight displays. High brightness Sunlight Readable monitors work extremely well in areas affected by direct exposure to the sun. Most importantly, the goal is for the display information to remain clear and not wash out in bright conditions. Similarly, our monitors and touch screens are made with industrial components. Subsequently, they will withstand harsh environments and commercial use.  Learn more about outdoor IP and NEMA Ratings/ or Visit NEMA website.

Furthermore, TRU-Vu offers Sunlight Readable touch screens monitors for amusement parks in a variety of sizes. We also have resolution options for a variety of needs, including:

We also offer a vast variety of indoor monitors that stand up to long hours of operation and heavy usage in a public setting.   In conclusion, our team members are ready to help! Let us help determine the exact indoor or outdoor monitor / high brightness monitors for you. We will meet your specific needs.  Let us provide clear imagery for your parks and recreation areas. Call (847) 259-2344 today to speak with one of our representatives.


cables waterproof monitor
Waterproof cable glands ensure all cable connections stay safe and dry on waterproof monitors and touch screens.
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