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Power Supplies & Monitor Mounts – Tabletop Stands & Wall Mount Brackets

TRU-Vu Monitors offers  several power supplies to power your monitors via 90-240VAC.  Please be sure to check for correct amperage and voltage for your specific monitor. Contact us for assistance if needed.

TRU-Vu Monitors also offers a wide range of LCD monitor accessories for its industrial-grade monitors and touch screens. For example, monitor mounts include  waterproof  VESA mounts, monitor stand, monitor arm mount, and wall mount monitor arms.  Additionally, we provide monitor wall mount brackets, outdoor monitor mounts, and waterproof monitor mounting brackets. Furthermore, some are corrosion resistant for outdoor use. We even have portrait mode brackets for you.  For more information on VESA wall mounts (Video Electronics Standards Association) – visit  Learn more about products for screen cleaning, or even adapters.  Learn more about Cable length for monitors and touch screens.

TRU-Vu also provides a wide range of monitor stands, monitor bases and tabletop stands. These accommodate monitors from 8.4″ to 32″.

Our 17″ and 19″ Rack Mount brackets enable you to easily convert a standard 17″ or 19″ LCD monitor into a rack mount monitor, at a fraction of the cost.

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Our LCD monitor accessories also include a wide range of power supplies and power adapters. These convert AC to DC power. They are ideal to power our 24VDC monitors in a non-mobile setting. Additionally, they  are also compatible with our Sunlight-Readable, Touch Screen, Medical Displays, and  4:3 Aspect Ratio monitors. Video Displays have either internal or external supplies. Internal supplies have a AC cord which plugs into a wall outlet. The incoming 120VAC power is then converted down to 12 or 24VDC inside the monitor. External supplies are generally small, black rectangular devices which converts AC power to DC. They have two cords; one plugs into a wall outlet, and the other cord carries 12 or 24VDC to the monitor. For use with our TRU-Vu Monitors and Touch-screens.

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