Private Label LCD Monitors

An ideal way to increase your brand recognition is via private label. First, let us silk-screen your company name or logo directly onto the front of every monitor. Secondly, we can also silk-screen your product name and/or model number on the display front for you. This is available for any standard LCD monitor or custom monitor. Additionally, many of our OEM and systems integrator clients choose to white-label our standard and custom LCD monitors. Therefore, their unique model number on the rear label will identify it as their exclusive design.

Branding can be instrumental in your company’s success. Consequently, companies spend millions of dollars developing brand identity, logos, corporate colors and more. Why not incorporate your unique branded look onto the one place your customers will see every day?  Furthermore, we can also provide white label monitors and touch screens with custom enclosure colors to match your corporate identity.

Above all, TRU-Vu can provide private label versions of any of our standard and custom LCD monitors and touch screens with your custom artwork. For instance, we offer three levels of private label options:

    • No TRU-Vu logo on the front bezel
    • Standard TRU-Vu rear label
    • TRU-Vu logo or no logo on the front bezel
    • Your company name/logo and unique, custom model number on the rear label
    • Your logo/model number silkscreened onto the front bezel
    • Your logo and custom model number on the rear label

To clarify, don’t miss out on an outstanding opportunity to enhance your corporate look and identity! Most importantly, silk screening and custom labeling is FREE of charge for OEM and system integrator quantity orders.



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Private Label Monitors
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