Comparison Guide: Industrial-Grade vs Consumer Grade LCD Monitors

Industrial Monitor


Industrial monitor vs consumer grade monitors: Learn the differences and benefits



- Designed for harsh, demanding environments, including industrial, military, medical, marine, and more
- Built for 24/7/365 operation
- High resistance to shock and vibration
- Operating temperatures from -40° to +185°F
- Enclosures: Rugged ABS, painted steel, stainless steel, and NEMA/ IP-rated waterproof/dust-proof
- Designed for desktop operation in a clean office or home
- Built to operate 6-8 hours per day
- No shock/vibration resistance
- Suited for climate-controlled environments only
- Predominantly lower-grade plastic housings
- High quality, industrial-grade components for long-term dependability
- Highest grade LCD Panels to ensure optimal image quality
- Long operating life (7-10 years typ.)
- Low-cost components for mass production of low-cost monitors
- Low to mid-grade LCD panels
- 3-5 years typical useful life
PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE- Long-term model availability (avg. 5-7 years), crucial to OEM’s
- Models change often, on average every 6-12 months
APPLICATIONS- Industrial & manufacturing, military/law enforcement, medical carts, heavy equipment, kiosks, marine, telemedicine, digital signage, OEM medical equipment, oil & gas, sports stadiums, mass transit, pipeline inspection, amusement parks, training simulators, drones, mobile/portable systems, automated inspection, and more
- For home or office use
AVAILABLE CONFIGURATIONS- Available in standard, touch screen, sunlight readable, waterproof, panel-mount, open frame, optically bonded, portable, medical and other configurations- Standard configuration only
CUSTOM DESIGNS- Can be modified or customized to meet your exact specifications- Not Available
PRIVATE LABEL- Can be private-labeled with your company name, logo and unique model number- Not Available
SCREEN ASPECT RATIO- 4:3 Aspect Ratio models from 8" to 19"
- 16:9 Aspect Ratio models from 7" to 86"
- Only available in 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen)
SCREEN BRIGHTNESS - Screen brightness from 250 nits for indoors, to 2,500 nits for outdoor, direct-sunlight applications
- Optical Bonding increases contrast ratio, improves image quality, and increases durability
- Typical 150-250 nits brightness for indoor use
- Not designed for brightly-lit environments or outdoors
FEATURES / OPTIONS- Connectivity: Includes HDMI, DVI, HD-SDI, DisplayPort, VGA, Composite BNC, S-Video, BNC Loop-Thru, Coax, USB, RS-232

- Screen glass: Matte, Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective, Vandal-Resistant and Gorilla-Glass

- Dual diagnostic LED's indicate receiving video signal, no video signal, or sleep mode.

- Front Panel Lock-Out: OSD buttons can be locked to prevent unwanted tampering

- Auto Re-Start After Power Loss: Once power is restored to a display, it will automatically resume the same operation as prior to power loss
- Typically limited to HDMI and Coax

- Standard glass, often with glossy finish

- Single LED for power on or off only

- No front panel or button lock-out

- After power loss, must power up every display manually
LANDSCAPE vs PORTRAIT ORIENTATION- Models available for landscape and portrait mode
- Designed to operate in landscape mode
POWER OPTIONS- Available for 12VDC, 24VDC, 9-36VDC and 90-240VAC operation- Available for 120VAC only
MOUNTING OPTIONS- Offer standard VESA mount holes, panel mount, open frame, ceiling mount, rack mount and wall mount options- Many consumer-grade models are not VESA compliant, and may require special optional mounting brackets
DEMO UNITS - Demo units available for evaluation- Not Available
INITIAL vs LONG-TERM COST- Cost is a big part of the purchase decision; industrial displays cost more up-front, but their higher performance, reliability and longevity justify a higher initial investment- Lower initial cost. However, they will not endure industrial, mobile, bright, wet or other demanding environments
TECH SUPPORT - Tech support, troubleshooting and repair from technicians with 10+ years experience, based in Illinois- Replies from non-technical salesperson or overseas call centers who have minimal product training or experience
WARRANTY - Standard 3 Year Warranty - Typical 6 to 12 month warranty. Commercial or industrial use usually voids the warranty
SERVICE - Service (if necessary) in Illinois with average 2 day turn around- Return to store, and then wait....
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