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Outdoor Sunlight Readable Monitors & High Brightness Touch Displays

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Displays for Hospitals, Medical Systems, Telemedicine, Clinical Displays. Surgical Suites and Medical Carts

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Industrial Grade Monitors & Rugged Touch Panels

LCDs for demanding industrial requirements

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TRU-Vu industrial LCD monitors and industrial touch screen solutions are designed and built with industrial-grade components. Our vast inventory of rugged TAA compliant LCD displays deliver the highest level of quality and reliable performance both indoors and out. TRU-Vu Monitors provides rugged displays for the most challenging  environments.




We are based in the USA with over 30 years  experience in the video industry.  Over 95% of our monitors are TAA Compliant as well as NDAA Compliant. Learn more Reasons to Choose TRU-Vu!


over 200 Rugged LCD Monitors

TRU-Vu Monitors offers over 200 industrial rugged TAA-Compliant monitors and industrial touch screen displays. Therefore, selecting the ideal monitor or touchscreen solution may sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  Use our Advanced Search Tool to help narrow down your choices. Just enter your project specifications.  The Search Tool will filter the choices to show only those computer monitor models that meet your criteria. Or just give us a call! Learn more About Us, or view our full site map.  View all of our informative VIDEOS on our tech center page.



For help with any Sony FCB Block Cameras, 4K Cameras, PTZ Cameras, or Alpha B2B Cameras, please see our Sony Cameras page.

To learn more about Sony Drones, please see our Sony Drones page.

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Trusted by leading OEMs, brands, hospitals, organizations, government and the military.

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small LCD monitor, industrial monitors, rugged lcd displays, touch screens, TAA compliant display

8.4"-12" Small Industrial Monitors

TRU-Vu offers the largest selection of industrial-grade small LCD monitors and touch screens in the world. Choose from over 125 models of 8.4 inch to 12″ industrial-grade small lcd monitors, including small HDMI monitors, waterproof monitors, Sunlight Readable monitors, 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio, panel-mount and custom displays.

Small Monitors & Touchscreens »
mid sized industrial lcd monitors, industrial monitors, rugged lcd displays, touch screens

13"-19" Mid-Sized Industrial Monitors

TRU-Vu offers over 235 standard, off-the shelf 13.3” to 19” industrial-grade LCD monitors and touch screens. Industrial LCD monitors offer many advantages over consumer or commercial-grade displays. They are more rugged, have higher shock and vibration resistance and can be modified or customized to meet your needs. Industrial and medical-grade monitors, Sunlight Readable, waterproof, open frame monitors and more.

Mid-Sized Monitors & Touch Screens »
large industrial monitors, industrial monitors, rugged lcd displays, touch screens

21"- 75" Large Industrial LCD Monitors

TRU-Vu offers the largest selection of industrial LCD monitors and large touch screens in the world. We have an impressive line-up of over 175 off-the-shelf industrial LCD monitors with large screen sizes from 21.5" to 75". This includes Medical-Grade, Sunlight Readable, open frame, bezel-less, waterproof, 4K, custom and OEM widescreen monitors, with a wide range of configurations and enclosure types.

Large Monitors & Touchscreens »
Sunlight Readable Monitors, industrial monitors, rugged lcd displays, touch screens

Sunlight/Daylight Readable Monitors

TRU-Vu Sunlight Readable Monitors and Daylight Screens (with Optical Bonding) and touch screen monitors are ideal for use in direct sunlight, or in other high-ambient light environments. These outdoor monitors offer 1,000 nits to 2,500 screen brightness. They are ideal for outdoor digital signage, military, law enforcement, amusement parks, way-finding, marine, and more.

Bright Monitors for Sun / Daylight »
Industrial LCD Monitors, rugged lcd displays, touch screens

Standard Brightness Monitors

Industrial-grade monitors and touch screens with standard brightness (250-350 nits) are ideal for use indoors or in environments without sunlight or bright lighting. We offer waterproof monitors, panel mount monitors, custom LCD displays, private label monitors, Medical Grade monitors, outdoor monitors, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, and more, from 7" to 65" lcd monitor screen sizes.

Standard Brightness Industrial Monitors »
waterproof monitors, industrial lcd displays, rugged monitors

Waterproof Monitors

Our waterproof monitors and water proof touch screens are perfect for use as outdoor monitors, or in industrial settings where high humidity, liquids, and daily wash-downs may exist. These Rugged LCD Displays Stand-alone or panel mount waterproof enclosures are available in stainless steel, painted steel or aluminum, with protection ratings up to IP68.

View Water Resistant Monitors »
Industrial Grade Touch Screen Monitors, rugged industrial displays, touch screens

Touch Screen Monitors

We offer a wide range of rugged and waterproof Touch Screen displays for both indoor and outdoor use. Select from 5-wire resistive touch, surface capacitive, P-Cap, IR touch and SAW touch screen technologies in order to best meet your specific application requirements. Large touch screen panels up to 65", and small touchscreens down to 8.4".

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Medical Grade displays, Medical touch screens, surgical displays, clinical displays

Medical Displays & Medical-Grade Touch Screens

TRU-Vu Medical-Grade displays and Medical touch screens are certified to the latest UL and IEC 60601 standards. They are ideal for use in hospital surgical operating rooms as surgical displays, on medical diagnostic equipment and medical cart monitors. Their bezel-less monitor design provides added benefits of improved aesthetics, and increased safety and hygiene, and IP65 liquid protection.

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Flush Mount Monitors and Touch Screens, panel mount monitors, rugged lcd displays, touch screens

Panel Mount Monitors

Panel mount monitors and panel mount touch screens can be flush-mounted into doors, walls, kiosks and cabinets for improved ergonomics and safety. They are available with standard and high brightness screens, waterproof front face, and 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio, in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

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Designed for demanding applications and environments
Built with industrial-grade components
Designed for 24/7/365 operation

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