Mounting Bracket for Outdoor TV Monitors, Up to 86"

  • Made of heavy gauge steel, with corrosion resistant coating
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Includes pull cords and kickstands to ease installation and servicing
  • Pull cord is locked with security screws – theft resistant mounting hardware
  • Wind Rating up to 90 mph
  • Universal flat mount fits display mounting patterns up to 700 x 610mm (27.6”W x 24.0”H) VESA up to 700 x 600mm
  • Horizontal display adjustment up to 7.4” (189mm)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 200 lbs. (91 kg)


We recommend the MBX-6586 outdoor TV mounting bracket to mount large TV’s and monitors. Use this outdoor TV mounting bracket for monitors up to 86″.  Additionally, this flat-mount wall mount bracket offers safety, simplicity, versatility and stability in one easy-to-install design. It is made from heavy gauge steel, with a corrosion-resistant coating, coupled with stainless steel hardware, to function in nearly any outdoor environment.  Our MBX-6586 mount includes kickstands, and also pull-cords which are locked with security screws. For instance, only those with a special tool can access the display.  With a wind rating of up to 90 mph, this mount is ideal for patios, bars, public areas, industrial wash-down environments, outdoor signage, stadiums and more.

Visit this link to learn more about VESA standards for Mounting brackets for further clarification.  Most importantly, we recommend this waterproof outdoor TV mount because of its durable qualities for our large monitors and touchscreens.  Corrosion Resistant mount wall brackets are highly recommended for Outdoors. Maximum load capacity is 200 lbs(91 kg).

outdoor tv mounting bracket 86" mounting bracket for outdoor tv


Whether you need to mount your monitor, TV or touch screen on a tabletop, on the wall, from the ceiling, or outdoors, we have the right mounting bracket for you! TRU-Vu Monitors offers a wide range of monitor wall mounts, display stands, outdoor TV mounts, tabletop base and ceiling TV mount for monitors and touch screens. For example, monitor mounts include  waterproof  VESA mounts, monitor stand, articulating TV mount, monitor arm mount, and wall mount monitor arms.  Additionally, we provide monitor wall mount brackets, outdoor monitor mounts, and waterproof monitor mounting brackets. Furthermore, some are corrosion resistant for outdoor use. We even have portrait mode brackets for you.

mounting bracket diagram

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