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ABOUT TRU-Vu Monitors:

We provide LCD monitors, industrial cameras and other video products and solutions.  Our parent company, TSI, was founded in 1990 in Chicago. Consequently, that gives us 30 years of experience that we can share with you.  The TRU-Vu line evolved out of necessity. Our clients were finding it difficult to locate exactly the type of industrial monitor or touch screen they needed. Often, they were often not satisfied with the available features, the brightness of the screen, or the durability. For instance, typical LCD monitors could not withstand shock and vibration, or environmental conditions. Therefore, they had to be replaced frequently or didn’t serve their purpose well with screens that would wash out in sunlight.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention, as you may have heard.  In 2008, we embarked on a mission to develop a line of industrial LCD monitors and touch screens that would overcome these obstacles. Most importantly, we wanted to provide our clients with reliable and rugged video display solutions they could depend upon. We developed a line of Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors, Waterproof Monitors and Touchscreens, and Standard Brightness Industrial Monitors. TRU-Vu also offers Medical Displays, Panel Mount Monitors, 24VDC Monitors and Custom LCD DisplaysPrivate label displays are available as well. Nearly all of our products are produced at our factory in Taiwan. It is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified. Some (6-7) models are produced in the USA. Typical MTBF is 50,000 hours.


Learn more about TRU-VU Monitors! Our current line-up includes over 540 off-the-shelf models. These include customizable industrial-grade LCD monitors and industrial touch screens. Additionally, we continue to provide innovative standard, modified and completely custom LCD display solutions.  Our OEM, ODM, systems integration, reseller and end-user clients throughout the world benefit. Our clients include  pipeline inspection and industrial manufacturing.  Medical carts, amusement parks, auto racing, and mass transit are on board with TRU-Vu.  Our client base includes space exploration, military, food processing, entertainment, first-responders, and outdoor digital signage. We are proud and honored to serve our many clients, partners, and friends. Learn more about TRU-Vu Monitors and our list of many clients.

TRU-VU Monitors
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