Frequently Asked Questions - Support

What is the warranty for TRU-Vu monitors?

VL-7Y: 1 year, SXOBH and SXUHD Series: 2 years, and All other monitors: 3 years. Visit our
Warranty page for more information.

What is the typical repair turnaround time?

If we have the parts in stock, generally 3-10 business days.

What is the lead time for TRU-Vu monitors?

If they are in stock at our U.S. warehouse, orders will generally ship within 1-2 business days.
If monitors are being built, normal production lead time is currently (July 2021) approximately 8-20 weeks, depending upon model.
Shipping from Taiwan adds 8-12 weeks via sea, or 5-10 days if shipped via air, to reach our US. warehouse.

Where are TRU-Vu monitors built?

Design and engineering takes place in the U.S.
A few models are built in the U.S., but the balance are built in Taiwan.

Where can I purchase TRU-Vu monitors?

We can provide the name of dealers in your area, or contact us directly at (847) 259-2344

Where can I find pricing on TRU-Vu monitors?

Contact us at (847) 259-2344 or at

How can I become a TRU-Vu reseller?

Contact us at (847) 259-2344 or at

I am interested in a Demo, who do I contact?

Contact us at (847) 259-2344 or at

How long Has TRU-Vu been in business?

Our parent company, T.S.I. has been providing video-related solutions since 1990. TRU-Vu has been supplying industrial-grade monitors and touch screens since 2008.

Does TRU-Vu ship to Canada?

Yes, we ship to Canada.

What are TRU-Vu’s payment terms?

Once credit is established, our typical terms are Net 30. We also accept wire transfer, ACH and credit card payments.