Rugged LCD Monitors for Food & Beverage Plants


Food and beverage plant operations include a variety of complex applications.  To name a few, processing, distilling and production present challenges.  Additionally, bottling, canning, and packaging are all demanding operations. Consequently, these processes require industrial-grade rugged LCD monitors. Many use industrial touch screens for process monitoring and control. But, standard consumer-grade displays are not designed to withstand these environments.  For instance, even commercial-grade LCD displays cannot withstand substantial shock and vibration.  Another challenge is liquid splashing and wash-downs. Similarly, temperature and humidity extremes are also a consideration. For instance, steam and long hours of operation are also detrimental to standard monitors. Above all, ours can withstand these challenging environments.  For example, we also offer a wider range of operating temperatures for industrial use.


Rugged waterproof LCD monitors are ideal for wet environments. They resist splashing,  and wash-down environments. NEMA 4X and IP65+ enclosures ensure long-term reliability. Waterproof cable glans ensure no water can touch any cable connections, without the need for proprietary connectors. Panel mount monitors enable users to flush-mount them into cabinets or walls. They save valuable space and protect the units from water damage. Subsequently, rugged LCD Touch screens enable operators to control processes. In addition, they can also adjust parameters and change over lines.

Both 4:3 and 16 x 9 aspect ratio monitors are used with automated machine vision systems. Often they are implemented in robotic work cells. Additionally, our larger rugged 49”, 55” and 65” SXUHD Series video displays are often used. They can provide crucial information. For example, this includes production data and safety information to workers. This can all be displayed in full 4K resolution.

We design and build for constant use in harsh industrial, commercial environments.  We use high quality, industrial-grade components. This provides for long-term reliability.  Additionally, we feature rugged ABS or painted steel housings.

Available in a variety of options:

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