Rugged Touch Screens for Kiosks and Vending


Touchscreens for kiosk use and automated vending systems can be seen nearly everywhere. Most kiosks feature touch screen monitors to enable user interaction. Many kiosk and vending system manufacturers choose TRU-Vu industrial touch screens for their rugged construction. Also, crystal-clear image quality is an important factor. Both outdoor or indoor kiosks located in areas exposed to direct sunlight can benefit significantly from Sunlight Readable displays. Waterproof touch screens are beneficial in outdoor environments. 24VDC monitors consume less power kiosks may also use open-frame monitors or panel mount touch screens for easier integration. .Additionally, It is useful in limited-space installations.

Kiosks and automated vending systems can be found across numerous industries. Firstly, retail, healthcare, and ticket sales use kiosks. Secondly,  hospitality, voting machines and advertising industries benefit. Thirdly, snack food, transportation and museums often enjoy the advantages of our lcd displays. Moreover, you will find them in equipment rental, photo kiosks and virtual receptionists. Finally, directions, way-finding, and trade shows are some of the many applications for touch screens for kiosks.


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