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TRU-Vu specializes in Drone Monitors.  Drones and UAV’s are being deployed for an ever-increasing number of projects and applications. Consequently, our Sunlight Readable monitors enable drone operators and ground control centers to view live video feeds even in direct, bright sunlight. TRU-Vu Sunlight Readable displays provide 4 times the brightness of conventional LCD monitors. To clarify, we offer over 1,000 nits of brightness in our high bright sunlight readable displays. As a result, image washout is not an issue. This enables operators to view individuals and events even in direct, bright sunlight, ensuring improved response time. Furthermore, this ensures efficient resource deployment, and critical decision-making.

4:3 and 16:9 Resolutions  & waterproof monitors FOR DRONES

Our Sunlight Readable monitors are available in a variety of 4:3 resolutions. Additionally, 16:9 widescreen monitors ensure compatibility with nearly any digital video input. Rugged steel monitors ensure reliable long-term operation.  Furthermore, they have shock and vibration resistance. TRU-Vu NEMA 4X waterproof monitors will withstand  even the most challenging environmental conditions.

Reliable High Performance lcd displays FOR UAV’S

Most importantly, TRU-Vu continues to provide reliable, high-performance industrial-grade LCD monitors.  Our industrial touch screens for drone and UAV applications range from military and first responders, to real estate. Similarly, disaster relief, agriculture, and sporting events also benefit.  Likewise, other applications include aerial photography, construction, and news coverage.  Moreover, See our list of monitors that feature both sunlight readable and waterproof capabilities.


With over 200 LCD monitors and touch screens on our site, selecting the ideal drone or UAV equipment, or touch screen solution may be a bit overwhelming.  To help narrow-down the choices, check out our Advanced Search Tool. For example, this enables you filter by your own specific search requirements.

Finally, our team members are ready to help! We can determine the exact solution that will meet your specific needs . Certainly, TRU-Vu will help provide crystal-clear images for your UAV or drone operating requirements . Call (847) 259-2344 today to speak with one of our specialists. Above all, we will listen.  It’s one of the things we do best.  Our professional advisors will ensure the monitor or touch screen you receive will be and do everything you had hoped it would!

If you prefer, fill out a quick form with your requirements, and we will guide you to the proper models that will work best.

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