TRU-Vu Medical-Grade Displays for Healthcare


TRU-Vu medical grade displays and medical touch screens are certified to the latest IEC and UL 60601-1 4th Edition standards. They are used in a wide range of medical OEM equipment and systems, and hospital operating rooms. You will also find that  urgent care centers, and medical diagnostic equipment benefit.


Each medical display and medical touch screen monitor comes with a medical grade power supply (internal or external). It also includes a hospital-grade Green Dot power cord. Our DM-Series clinical review monitors provide DICOM Part 14 compliant calibration.

Above all, TRU-Vu Medical Displays and surgical displays are a key component in a wide range of medical OEM systems and medical diagnostic equipment.

Most importantly, we deliver the highest quality and reliability.  Consequently, TRU-Vu medical displays and medical-grade touch screen monitors are used by leading hospitals, clinics, institutions, laboratories, and private practitioners throughout the world for:

  • Clinical Review
  • CT / MRI
  • Endoscopic / Arthroscopic Images Review
  • ENT
  • Fluoroscopy / Laparoscopy
  • Gastroenterology
  • Medical Workstations
  • Mobile Medical Carts
  • Operating Rooms / Robotic Surgery
  • Patient Charts
  • Telemedicine Systems
  • Urology


The enclosure of a monitor is what surrounds the screen and all other components. Enclosures offer different looks, feels, and advantages and disadvantages.  All TRU-Vu medical-grade monitors and touch screens feature Zero-Bezel enclosures. Since monitors without bezels use a single, solid surface, they are easy to clean. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about contamination or germ build-up with bezel-free monitors, as there is no where for germs to hide. These hygiene advantages are why so many modern medical LCD monitors and medical touch screens feature a zero bezel monitor design. In addition, a frameless monitor can be built as 4:3 aspect ratio or 16:9 widescreen monitors.


With over 200 LCD monitors and touch screens on our site, selecting the ideal monitor solution may be a bit overwhelming.  To help narrow-down the choices, check out our Advanced Search Tool. For example, this enables you to filter by your own specific search requirements.

Remember, our team members are ready to help! We can determine the exact solution that will meet your specific healthcare monitor needs . Certainly, TRU-Vu will help provide crystal-clear images for your medical  projects. Call (847) 259-2344 today to speak with one of our specialists. Above all, we will listen.  It’s one of the things we do best.  Our professional advisors will ensure the medical monitor or touch screen you receive will be and do everything you had hoped it would!

If you prefer, fill out a quick form with your requirements, and we will guide you to the proper models that will work best.

Finally, our support doesn’t end there, either! Our Warranty is 1st Class.  For instance, should you ever encounter a problem with one of our monitors, give us a call. Our technicians will troubleshoot the issue over the phone.  If needed, will provide a RMA for repair. Our service and repair are outstanding and quick. We appreciate your business, and will do whatever we can to help.. It’s just the right thing to do.

LCD Medical Monitor Features:
  • Medical-Grade Monitors & Touch screens: 15.6” – 27”
  • Large-scale monitors: 32″ to 65″
  • Full HD and 4K resolution
  • Wide viewing angles
  • DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, HD-SDI inputs
  • Brightness from 300 nits to 2,500 nits
  • Zero-bezel enclosure options (hygienic/easy clean)
  • DICOM options
  • NEMA 4X waterproof stainless steel enclosures available for most models


All our Medical displays are built without internal fans. A fanless design provides numerous important benefits. Reliability and durability are greatly increased, since one major moving part, the fan, which is subject to mechanical failure, is eliminated. A fan-less design also provides a higher level of safety in sterile environments, as it eliminates the circulation of pathogens and dust. Lastly, a fan-less monitor is also quieter.

Get the Right LCD Monitor for Your Needs. Talk With Our Experts Call (847) 259-2344.

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