Innovative Video Displays Provide Realistic Look & Feel to Training Simulators

Why risk damaging or losing a $70 million fighter jet, or jeopardize a rookie pilot’s life?

Training simulators provide safe, efficient and effective training for pilots, operators, drivers, mechanics, military personnel, and more.

Simulator monitors

At the heart of every simulator is a collection of video displays and touch screens that must provide the realistic look and feel of cockpits, control panels, dashboards and more. Many simulator manufacturers look to TRU-Vu Monitors to provide industrial-grade displays that will create the most authentic environment possible. TRU-Vu offers numerous advantages:

• Over 550 models of TAA-compliant COTS monitors and touch screens
• Can be modified or custom built to meet your exact needs
• Drop-in replacements for discontinued competitor models
• Screen sizes from 7” to 65”
• Brightness levels from standard (300 nits) to Ultra-bright (2,500 nits)
• Wide range of enclosure styles and materials
• Flexible mounting options
• Compatible with nearly any analog or digital inputs
• Exclusive TRU-Tuff Treatment ensures maximum shock/vibration resistance
• Long-term availability (6-8 years)
• Full 3-year warranty

Look no further.

Let TRU-Vu provide/develop the exact display solution you need to help make your simulator provide the most authentic user experience ever! Visit our LCD Training Simulator page for more information about video displays for simulators.

TRU-Vu also offers Waterproof Outdoor Monitors, a wide range of Touch Screen Monitors, Medical DisplaysPanel-Mount Monitors and Touchscreens, Open-Frame, and 4K Displays. They are all available with 4:3 aspect ratio or 16:9 aspect ratio screens, and standard brightness or Sunlight Readable with at least 1000 nits brightness. All monitors can operate on 12-24VDC or 110-240VAC. They even offer options for Custom OEM LCD DisplaysPrivate Label Monitors is also an option. Sort by size of 7-12″, 13.3-19″, 21.5-65″ Industrial Monitors and Touch Screens. Zero-Bezel monitors are available with screen sizes from 13.3″ to  55″. You can review specs and information for all Zero-Bezel monitor and touch screen models. TRU-Vu Monitors also offers a wide range of LCD monitor mounts and stands.