Outdoor Monitors for MLB


Chicago Cubs updated the broadcasting booth and Marquis press booth upgraded to TRU-Vu outdoor sunlight readable waterproof monitors. Outdoor Monitors for MLB must be bright enough to withstand viewing in direct, bright sunlight. The expanded operating temperatures on these waterproof monitors allow operation in extreme temps, as Chicago is well known for the drastic weather changes. It’s a great season for the Cubs, who just had a no hitter!  We are located in a suburb of Chicago, so this is our beloved home team.  GO CUBS!

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TRU-Vu Monitors at Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field


View from the booth!

Waterproof Monitors for MLB


Empty bleachers, calling an away game from Wrigley

outdoor monitors for MLB


Tru-Vu Outdoor Sunlight Readable Waterproof Monitors at Wrigley!

TRU-Vu Monitors at Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs


TRU-Vu also offers Waterproof Outdoor Monitors, a wide range of Touch Screen Monitors, Medical DisplaysPanel-Mount Monitors and Touchscreens, Open-Frame, and 4K Displays. They are all available with 4:3 aspect ratio or 16:9 aspect ratio screens, and standard brightness or Sunlight Readable with at least 1000 nits brightness. All monitors can operate on 12-24VDC or 110-240VAC. They even offer options for Custom OEM LCD DisplaysPrivate Label Monitors is also an option. Sort by size of 7-12″, 13.3-19″, 21.5-65″ Industrial Monitors and Touch Screens. Zero-Bezel monitors are available with screen sizes from 13.3″ to  55″. You can review specs and information for all Zero-Bezel monitor and touch screen models.TRU-Vu Monitors also offers a wide range of LCD monitor mounts and stands.

TRU-Vu at Wrigley MLB

About the Company:

TRU-Vu Monitors offers over 550 models of industrial-grade LCD monitors and touch screens. This includes Sunlight Readable, Medical-Grade, Zero-Bezel, panel-mount and more. All monitors can also be modified or customized to meet your exact requirements.  They are backed by a full 3-year warranty.