New Medical Display Ideal for Hospital OR’s

Medical-Grade Touch Screen LCD Monitor

(Arlington Hts., IL) TRU-Vu Monitors is a leading worldwide supplier of LCD monitors and touch screens. We are proud to release a new Medical display for use in hospital OR’s. Perfect for OEM medical system suppliers, critical care centers.  Additionally, military field hospitals, and telemedicine systems will benefit.

Medical Display Certified to the Latest UL and IEC 60601-1 Regulations

Most importantly, the new MMZB-23.8G-X medical grade monitors are certified. This model complies with the latest UL and IEC 60601-1 regulations. Secondly, they provide several advantages for a wide range of medical environments. The 23.8” LCD screen features 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution.  Additionally, it has super-wide viewing angles. (178° x 178°) 

High Brightness with Bezel-Less Enclosure

This model features 400 nits of brightness.  Our high-brightness screen makes this medical display well-suited for use in a variety bright conditions. For example, operating rooms, field hospitals and outdoor tents will benefit. These applications often have bright light environments.  The frameless enclosure maximizes safety and hygiene. In other words, the front edge-to-edge glass protects the medical LCD screen.  Bezel-less monitors also resist foreign matter. For instance, germs often reside in the frame. By eliminating the outer front bezel, it increases hygiene. This also makes it easier to clean and disinfect.

Variety of Inputs are Featured

The MMZB-23.8G-X medical grade monitor provides a variety of inputs. It features DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort digital video inputs.  Its rear standard VESA mount holes facilitate mounting onto a tabletop base. Similarly, you may also attach it to the  wall, ceiling or boom arm. Lastly, the MMZB-23.8G-X is also available as with a Projected Capacitive touch screen.

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About the Company:

TRU-Vu Monitors, Inc., is a leading supplier of LCD displays. We provide a wide range of customizable, industrial-grade LCD monitors.  This includes sunlight-readable and optically-bonded lcds. We offer a wide variety of  touch screen, and medical-grade displays. Our vast product line also includes open frame, panel mount, waterproof monitors and touch screens. Certainly, we have a full range or rugged standard brightness models in sizes from 7” to 65”.

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