TRU-Vu LCD Monitors Used in Training Simulators

flight simulator monitorTRU-Vu LCD monitors and touch screens are used extensively in a wide range of training simulators. This includes flight training simulators, military simulators, as well as mining, heavy equipment, operator training, construction equipment, forklift operator and other training simulators.

TRU-Vu   LCD monitors and touch screens have been selected for their rugged, industrial-grade construction, wide range of screen sizes, and the ability to provide modified or custom monitor solutions.


The ZBVM-18.5 Series 18.5” LCD monitors, ZBMT-21.5 Series 21.5” touch screens have been of particular interest due to their Zero-Bezel enclosures, rounded corners and clear, sharp video images. The SRM-19 Series and SRM-21.5 Series Sunlight Readable monitors, with 1,000 nits brightness,  are ideal when high brightness screens are required. We also provide custom LCD monitors for specialized requirements and private-label monitors and touch screens when corporate branding.

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