High-Bright Monitors To Increase Crane Safety and Productivity


HookCam is a wireless camera system that attaches directly to the hook of a crane and delivers a live video stream to the operator in the cab to increase crane safety.  HookCam eliminates the communication issues faced when operating in the blind and gives the operator a second set of eyes, allowing them to better communicate with the rigger and respond to critical situations.  With the HookCam, the operator has more control of risks on the job site and can operate more safety and efficiently.

How do cameras/monitors benefit the crane industry?

  • Allows the operator to confirm the load’s balance and security
  • Gives the operator increased situational awareness to reduce accidents,   property damage or injury
  • Operator has the ability to see the rigger and hand signals
  • Supplements the radio communication with visual confirmation
  • Allows the operator to view and verify and the “pick’ below, and the path to   the drop-off point
  • Eliminates blind spots 

HookCam Crane Monitor

HookCam helps operators minimize risks and respond to critical situations.  In a study conducted by OSHA in 2000, they found that over 20% of crane accidents were caused by unsecured loads and 20% were attributed to lack of communication.  In a study conducted jointly by Haag Engineering and MIT, they found that 33.5% of injuries on a job site happen to riggers, and 20.7% of injuries occur when a worker is contacted by the load.  HookCam is focused on the rigger and the load to provide operators with the view necessary to minimize these risks and maximize safety.

In order for the HookCam to operate at maximum efficiency, the operator needs clear, sharp video images to enable him/her to make quick decisions. However, standard video screens can be very difficult to see in sunlight. Most of us have probably taken our laptop, tablet or cell phone outdoors or even inside near a window where the video display was exposed to sunlight and even with the brightness turned all the way up, it was still very difficult to see the image on the screen. Now imagine that same scenario, but instead of browsing the web or reading an ebook, you are in the cab of a crane; the speed and accuracy of your work and the safety of those below you depends upon your ability to see clear, sharp camera images in any lighting conditions. A standard monitor, exposed to sunlight, becomes virtually useless. That is why HookCam chose TRU-Vu Daylight Viewable monitors for use with their systems. These monitors feature high brightness and Optical Bonding to provide crystal clear images even in bright direct, sunlight. TRU-Vu was also able to embed some critical components inside the monitor enclosure, saving precious space inside the cramped cab interior.  


HookCam Company has been providing crane safety and productivity systems since 2003.
Their systems have been deployed at shipping ports and construction sites throughout the world. View more photos and videos
TRUVu industrial-grade monitors are designed and built for demanding industrial, commercial, military and medical applications.
They offer excellent image quality, wide viewing angles and robust, long-term performance.  They will operate 24/7/365, and are backed by a full 3-Year Warranty.