Cable Length Guide

TRU-Vu Monitor Cable Length Guide will help you to understand the recommended lengths for various types of video cables.

Max. Cable LengthMax. Resolution

A VGA cable
Up to 800x600 resolution- 100 feet

1280x1024/1024x768 resolution - 50-100 feet

1600x1200/1920x1200 resolution - 25 feet

Will not support 4k resolution
1920 x 1200
(BNC or RCA)

A composite cable
100 feet with standard cable

300 feet with high quality cable

Will not support 4k resolution
1280 x 1024
An HDMI cable
16 feet with standard cable

50 feet with high quality cable

Will support 4K up to 6.5 feet with standard cable. (Up to 10 feet with High Speed cable)
3840 x 2160
A DVI-D cable
Up to 1280x1024 resolution & 19” monitors (or
smaller) - 50 feet

Larger monitors - 15 feet

Will not support 4k resolution
1920 x 1080
An HD-SDI cable
Up to 1920x1080 resolution - 250 feet

Up to 1920x1080 resolution with fiber optic cable - 660 feet

Will not support 4k resolution
1920 x 1080
A Display-Port cable
Up to 1920x1080 resolution - 15 feet

Will support 4K up to 6.5 feet with standard cable
3840 x 2160
This information was last updated on 03/23/20. Please note, not all video cables are manufactured to the same level of quality and the information above may not pertain to every video cable on the market. It is best to contact the cable manufacturer directly and ask them to provide you with the maximum length their specific video cable will transmit your desired video resolution before committing to a purchase.

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