What is a Sunlight Readable Monitor?

TRU-Vu Sunlight Readable Monitors & Optically Bonded Monitors

Sunlight Readable MonitorA Sunlight Readable monitor is a video display which is specifically designed for use in direct, bright sunlight. They are also known as Hi-Bright or High Brightness monitors.


As you have probably seen, images on standard video displays (monitors, TV’s, cell phones, laptops) are difficult, if not impossible, to see outdoors on bright, sunny days. This is due to lack of screen brightness and reflections off the outer glass. Here’s a link to a  Video Demonstration of TRU-Vu Sunlight Readable Monitors & Optically Bonded Monitors outside in bright sunlight.

A Sunlight Readable monitor features a far greater number of LED backlights than standard monitors to increase the screen brightness. The screen should be at least 1,000 nits (cdm²) brightness, up to 2,500 nits brightness, to operate in direct sunlight. (Compared to 150-250 nits for a laptop, or 200-300 nits for a typical computer monitor). This high brightness enables the user to see clear, vivid images even in direct, bright sunlight.

Optical Bonding

In certain installations, you may require protective glass to shield the LCD panel from accidental or intentional damage. Anti-Reflective or Anti-Glare glass can be added. However, please be aware that adding glass will have certain drawbacks. Even the highest-quality AR or AG glass will have still have some level of reflectivity (certainly more than a naked LCD panel). The added glass will also increase internal reflections, in the air gap between the LCD panel and the glass. Additionally, there will be the possibility of condensation build-up in the gap. In order to combat these issues, and still protect the LCD panel, we would highly recommend optical bonding.

Optical bonding is the process of injecting an optical-grade resin into the air gap between the LCD panel and the glass. This creates one contiguous surface. It eliminates internal reflections, and prevents condensation build-up. The net result is an increase in contrast ratio, and greatly increased image quality to the human eye. All TRU-Vu Daylight Readable monitors and touch screens are optically bonded.

Another key consideration for any outdoor monitor is the operating temperature of the display. You must consider the highest and lowest temperatures that the monitor will encounter. The operating temperature of the high-bright monitor must extend comfortably beyond those expected temperatures, as the internal temperature of the monitor in direct sunlight will definitely exceed the ambient temperature.

High brightness monitors are available in a wide range of screen sizes, from 8.4” to 65”. They are available with standard housings, as waterproof monitors, panel mount monitors, in open-frame configurations, with touch screens and in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

TRU-Vu provides Sunlight Readable monitors for a wide range of industries and applications. This includes military, law enforcement, industrial, energy, aviation, and marine.   They are also deployed for aerial photography/surveying, digital signage, outdoor advertising, sports stadiums, and more.