TRU-Tuff Treatment for Shock and Vibration

TRU-Vu offers a wide range of LCD monitor sizes, enclosures, and configurations. We have developed a treatment to reduce shock and vibration called TRU-Tuff.  TRU-Tuff is a unique treatment to maximize shock and vibration resistance.  This process includes: RTV silicone on all critical components and connections; all wires are dressed, tie-wrapped and secured; and ThreadLock is applied to all screws. Even when vibration is not a factor, thread lockers are advised when a threaded assembly is critical to a product’s structure and function. Thread-locker is an adhesive used to lock bolts, studs, nuts, and screws and prevent accidental loosening of the fasteners due to exposure to stress and vibration.  A thread-locker solution is to prevent the accidental back off of fastener assemblies due to vibration.

This is particularly crucial for monitors that may be mounted on buses, boats, automobiles, cranes, kiosks, sports stadiums, training simulators, and drones.  Visit our Industries Served page for more uses.

TRU-Tuff is available on all types of TRU-Vu Displays. Both Monitors and Touch Screens benefit from the protection that TRU-Tuff provides. Whether it is an Outdoor Waterproof, Sunlight Readable, Panel Mount, Touch Screen, or Zero-Bezel Monitor, TRU-Tuff treatment will extend its life and the problems associated with shock and vibration.


                                            WITHOUT TRU-TUFF TREATMENT                                                                                                                 WITH TRU-TUFF TREATMENT

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