What Are Open-Frame Monitors?

TRU-Vu offers a wide range of LCD monitor sizes, enclosures, and configurations. However, sometimes an OEM or systems integrator would prefer to integrate the LCD components on their own. Open-frame monitors enable them to integrate the components into their own panel, enclosure, kiosk, control box, equipment, carrying case or other enclosure. For these instances, TRU-Vu Monitors offers 3 types of open frame LCD monitors.


Loose LCD components in an open frame display design as shown below enables the ultimate flexibility in mounting or packaging. The LCD module, A/D board, OSD board and power supply can be positioned as needed.

open frame

Open Frame Version #1 – Front Open Frame Version #1 – Rear



An industrial open frame monitor can also be provided with the components mounted to the rear of the LCD panel itself, or onto a small rear metal bracket, as shown below:


Open Frame Version #2 – Front Open Frame Version #2 – Rear



Open frame LCD kits have all of the LCD components, not connected,  as shown below. This is just one example of many possible designs.

Open Frame Monitor

Open Frame Version #3 – Open Frame Kit #3

Although Version #1 at the top of the page is the most common Open Frame Monitor option, we can provide any of these configurations, or something in between, for all of our monitors 8.4” and larger. This includes open frame touch screen displays, open frame sunlight readable monitors, open frame optically bonded monitors, and more.

We can assist you in designing/specifying your ideal TRU-Vu open frame LCD monitor or open frame touch screen monitor.