LCD Monitor Troubleshooting Guide


TRU-Vu Monitors has just released a new LCD Monitor Troubleshooting Guide. We are confident you will find it extremely helpful.

Occasionally, you may encounter an issue with your LCD monitor or touch screen not functioning exactly the way it should. However, this can often be corrected with a minor tweak or setting adjustment. 17" Sunlight Readable Touch Screen LCD Monitor

We will help get you through those frustrating times! Get back up and running as quickly as possible with our new LCD Monitor Troubleshooting Guide.  This Guide will assist you in troubleshooting your LCD monitor or touch screen quickly and easily.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to clean your lcd display
  • Reset factory settings
  • Fix black screens
  • Sleep mode issues
  • Locked OSD buttons
  • Touch screen registering
  • Brightness settings
  • Speaker adjustments, and more

If the steps outlined in the Troubleshooting Guide don’t resolve your issue, then please give us a call at 847-259-2344. Our expert technicians will help diagnose and resolve your problem.


About the Company:

TRU-Vu Monitors, Inc. is a leading supplier of LCD displays. We provide a wide range of customizable, industrial-grade LCD monitors.  This includes high brightness Sunlight Readable displays, daylight viewable monitors, touch screen, medical-grade displays, open frame, and panel mount monitors. Additionally, we offer waterproof  and bezel-less monitors in sizes from 7” to 65”.  All monitors are backed by our full 3-Year Warranty.  All TRU-Vu monitors can be customized/modified to meet your specific application requirements.  TRU-Vu monitors can also be private-labeled with your company’s name, logo and unique model number.