55” Outdoor Waterproof Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor/TV

  • Ultra-Bright – 2,500 Nits
  • Optical Bonding Improves Contrast Ratio and Image Quality
  • IP 68/NEMA 6 Fully-Sealed Enclosure
  • Maintenance-Free: No Vents, Fans or Filters
  • Ambient Light Sensor Adjusts Screen Brightness Automatically
  • Anti-Reflective, Impact-Resistant Safety Glass, Rated IK10
  • Remote Diagnostics (SNMP Protocol)
  • Auto Re-Start After Power Loss
  • Built-in TV Tuner
  • 12 VDC and 5 VDC Power Outputs
  • KeyLock Function
55" Outdoor Waterproof Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor/TV

The SXOBH-55-XTR Sunlight Readable Waterproof LCD monitor/TV represents the most advanced technology available today. The Optically Bonded Ultra-high-brightness (2,500 nits) screen enables users to see clear, sharp video images even with bright sunlight directly on the screen. The Anti-Reflective, UV-protective 5mm safety glass is rated IK10. It reduces glare and reflections while fully protecting the screen.

The SXOBH-55-XTR features a fully-sealed, corrosion-resistant enclosure, rated IP68/NEMA 6. There are no air vents, filters or fans as with other monitors, making them completely maintenance-free. They are completely sealed against water, dust, sand, metal shavings and any other airborne particulates. This is the ultimate solution for use outdoors, or in challenging industrial environments.

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